Scroogie Boy

The disappearing web

For all the Internet is this unforgiving permanent record of everything stupid you ever posted, going through my Squarespace-hosted blog’s contents to find anything to bring over here has also shown me that no link is forever. So much link rot in so little time!

Repost: Obsessively tracking one's new Texas-bound BMW (or MINI)

There have been a number of articles on tracking your new US-bound BMW in transit published online (usually based on this BMWBlog article or its i3 follow-up), and they do get the basics right. I have learned a couple of new things since then. The main thing that is different in my experience is …

Moved again

I guess that I just can’t stop myself: after… checks notes… just over 7 years (talk about a seven year itch!), I’m trying out a new blogging platform. After 11 years on Typepad and 7 on Squarespace, I guess I want to try something new (, as the case may be). …