Home Improvement

Damn, this is annoying!

I just spent a good hour or so chasing my tail after a short, but clearly powerful, electrical disturbance here at the house. The power went out very briefly following what must have been a lightning strike fairly close by.

You'd think that everything would be just fine since the computers are on UPSes but for some weird reason, the drive in the file server that serves media to the Squeezeboxes got in a weird state that required a full sever powerdown to clear. After fixing that, I had to troubleshoot why the Squeezebox in the living room would play but no audio would come out of the speakers... Finally, after shutting down the whole audio chain (Squeezebox in the living room, DAC and amplifier in the server room) and restarting it, things finally got back to normal. Clearly, I should have thought about a remote reset mechanism for this (or set up a system with fewer moving parts).

Well, that wasn't fun.

Cats: 1, Carl: 0 (updated)

When I remodeled Paula's closet, I installed a rather spiffy pocket door track that makes opening the closet door a single-finger operation: the heavy-duty track and bearings practically glide for a wonderful experience... Well, that was the good news. The bad news is that we can't keep the cats out of the closet!

Samuel is an expert at opening doors and taught his friends how to pull the door open (probably out of spite for being forced to wear this outfit) so we now have to keep closing the closet door and making sure nobody is trapped inside. My current strategy is to make the door stay closed by embedding neodymium (super-strong) magnets in the door and frame but, so far, they are still getting it open! I just added another set of magnets this morning... Maybe that will be enough force to keep them out. I hope so. Darned little cat burglars!

UPDATE: Yeah, well, they still manage to pop the door open from time to time -- with the extra practice, they now are opening the other closet pocket door (which is on a far rougher-running track) as well. So, I may not have stopped the cats from getting in the closet but I have helped improve their door-opening skills. That's got to count for something, right?


We ordered a mattress from Costco to go with our new bed. It was delivered (via UPS ground) yesterday evening. Can't say much about it since I haven't unpacked it yet.

But what I can say is that a king-size mattress crammed into a 147lb box the size of a large cooler is quite an achievement. I'm not sure whether I am actually looking forward to the actual box opening!

Bathroom remodel day 16

The insulation was inspected uneventfully in the morning and drywall work started in the afternoon. The drywall guys kinda hosed themselves with the window surround by trimming a little too much off -- so they will have to fiddle with it to make it fit right (I've done that in the past -- I'm glad it isn't my problem to deal with this time :-) They may do a little more drywall in the closet but they are pretty close to all that they can do -- the shower pan is the next big thing on the agenda. It needs to be built and lined before the tile backer can go up... Which will determine how far the drywall goes in the bathroom. The other nice thing with the drywall being partially up is that they can think about measuring for the cabinets, so more possibilities for progress... Pictures in the usual place...